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Removing Water Spots From Auto Glass

Hard water spots can make your otherwise clean and shiny car look not so clean. These hard water spots are often caused by minerals like magnesium and calcium in your water, as well as chemicals that leave limescale and other mineral deposits. Those water spots are basically a mixture of water, soap, acid rain, and other mineral deposits like sodium that are left over.

Water spot damage begins as droplets of water land on paintwork and other automotive surfaces. As the water evaporates, all those minerals inside the droplet mentioned before are left behind as a stain on the surface. If caught soon enough, these minerals can be simply wiped away during a car wash or with a quick detail spray. If left overnight, the spot may stick harder, but they can typically be removed with a clay bar. If you don’t keep up removing water spots from auto glass, you will begin to have a real mess.

So what is one to do? If you look online you will find dozens of suggestions on how to remedy the situation of mineral deposits on your glass. Some call for toothpaste. Others say lemon juice. Or vinegar. And still others are selling their very own specialty product.

The Solution

Removing Water Spots From Auto Glass

We have found a secret weapon in the fight for removing water spots from auto glass. No steel wool, no making a concoction, wasting toothpaste or buying some specialty product. You might even have it under the sink right now: Bar Keepers Friend. You can mix the powder form of the product with a little drinking water in a plastic bottle or you can use the squeezable liquid version of BKF.

The Process

Using micro fiber towels, Start with cleaning the window with a regular window cleaner and wipe dry. Then work a bit of the BKF onto the water spots using another microfiber towel. Work it onto the glass in a few different directions. Wipe the residue off with a clean side of the towel. Finish the job by wiping the glass clean and buffing with separate, clean, microfiber towel.

Drying your auto glass properly is another way to help prevent water stains and marks from appearing in the glass in the first place. Be sure to dry your car off with microfiber towel after a car wash. It is important to use a towel which is clean and lint-free for the best possible results and to leave your glasses shiny and clear.

Here is a video found that shows just how easy it is: