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It is Time for Vehicle Check Up

April is National Car Care Month

National Car Care Month is upon us. Chances are, your car is the second largest investment after your home. Care for it properly and it can deliver lasting performance, value and enjoyment. A properly maintained car offers the greatest return on investment by performing safely and dependably for you and your family. Not only can proper maintenance help you avoid more costly general repairs down the road, but it can ensure your car performs well and keeps you safe.

Of course, you should expect to change the oil and filter regularly and obey regular maintenance schedules — and maintain your vehicle’s exterior.  But regularly checking tire pressure, wiper blades, and brakes will make your vehicle ready when you need to adjust to road changing road conditions, careless drivers and weather. You can even get new wiper blades delivered from Amazon.

Things change — including the way we use our cars, how we drive them and the condition of our roads. Normal driving is defined as “steady driving in non-extreme weather or environments.” Today, being a “severe” driver is more the rule than the exception.

The automotive industry refers to “severe driving” as:

  • Stop-and-go traffic
  • Multiple short trips
  • Heavier loads: cargo, passengers or towing a trailer
  • Rough, poor or mountainous roads
  • Dusty or salty environments
  • Driving in extremely hot or cold weather

Here in Savannah, many of us check off most — or all — of those bullet points everyday. Add in the almost daily chance of an afternoon thunderstorm between May and September for the ride home, and accident are bound to happen.  

The 80 Percent

According to Car Care Council, as much as 80 percent of vehicles are in need of some kind of service. “With so many vehicles in need of service, National Car Care Month in April serves as an important reminder to take action today so you can depend on your vehicle down the road,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “It’s easy to postpone vehicle maintenance when things get busy, but don’t put it off. Addressing minor service needs before they become major will help you avoid unexpected car trouble and unplanned costly repairs.”

National Car Care Month

The Car Care Council reports that vehicles inspected at community car care events held throughout the country in 2015 failed one or more aspects of the inspection process. Some areas posting the highest failure rates include: low fluid levels (washer fluid 26 percent, engine oil 23 percent and coolant 19 percent); clogged or dirty air filters 19 percent; illuminated check engine light 13 percent; and 13% needed wiper blade replacement.

Accidents Happen. We Get It.

Here at Hollingsworth Auto, we provide friendly, quality collision repair — when you need it. However, we also want you to be prepared to avoid those accidents and stay safe. Many of the vehicle maintenance tasks that can best increase your safety are quick and inexpensive to resolve. This National Car Care Month, look at the simple things — such as changing your wiper blades, properly inflating your tires, topping off your fluids, and making sure to follow manufacturers’ maintenance schedule for your brakes, will greatly increase your ability to adjust to the changing conditions and situations on the road.