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Easy care tips for your vehicle’s new finish


Your car has just been refinished with Sikkens paint from Akzo Nobel — the world’s largest paint manufacturer. Your finish is guaranteed to look good for as long as you own your car. At Hollingsworth Auto Service, all of our collision repairs leave the lot looking shiny and new. Most of our happy customers get a renewed enthusiasm for keeping their cars in showroom condition. So how do you keep your vehicle looking great and protect the new paint at the same time?

Wash Your Vehicle with Care

One recommendation is for the first 2 weeks after the repair, you will want to avoid getting soap and water on the repairs. Only wash the areas without fresh paint. This is only a suggestion and not a rule. If you must wash your entire vehicle before the 2 weeks are up, follow the guidelines below:

  • Avoid commercial car washes for at least 30 days. Washing your car by hand is always a better choice because the commercial facilities use brushes that may scratch the paint. But you must avoid them completely after a collision repair.
  • Always wash your vehicle in the shade to avoid direct sunlight.
  • Instead of  scrubbing embedded and hard to remove debris, use clay bar to gently clean the surface
  • Do not dry wipe the vehicle as it will cause scratching

Don’t Wax Right Away

We recommend that you avoid waxing your vehicle for 90 days after it is repaired to allow the finish to completely cure. After the 90 days are up, you can proceed to wax the exterior with a high quality wax that is approved for automotive paint.


Keep it Covered and Avoid Dirt Roads

If possible park the vehicle in a garage or parking structure to protect your new paint from sun damage, fallen leaves and other debris that can scratch the paint.  Keep a close eye on the exterior for any scratches or other contaminants. Address them right away by either removing them with clay bar or have more serious scratches buffed out.

Lastly, you can prevent damaging to the paint by avoiding dirt or gravel roads. The fresh paint is hasn’t had enough time to harden into a protective barrier yet and will be vulnerable to any chips and dings that may occur from rocks.

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