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No Matter the Seriousness, Don’t Delay Collision Repair Work

You’ve been in an accident. You may still think your car is safe to drive, but don’t do it. Maybe you’re too busy. Maybe you cannot afford your insurance company deductible. Don’t delay collision repair. Whatever the reason, putting off collision repairs can cause further damage to your vehicle and be a safety hazard to you, your passengers and other drivers.

There are good reasons you should have your vehicle attended to as soon as possible. Here are 3 problems that can arise from driving after an accident without proper body repair:


Your car’s paint isn’t just there for looks. It’s the first layer of protection for your vehicle’s body. Driving with exposed metal causes rust, which will deteriorate the body and create further complications and more costly repairs.

Unseen Damage

Your car is comprised of literally thousands of components, and an accident can cause damage to any one of them. Everything may seem ok at the moment, but anything from from misaligned wheels to a sensor out of whack can be more problems waiting to happen. You don’t want to wait until you are traveling with passengers for something to fail.

Unpredictable Damage

In addition to parts that were clearly damaged in the accident, other components can be affected by the original damage. The thousands of parts and sensors in your vehicle are meant to work together.  If one part is loose, out of alignment or malfunctioning, it can affect the functionality of other components. If these problems occur or are discovered well after the collision, there can be costs incurred that would have been avoided if the vehicle was repaired immediately.

The Bottom Line

Here at Hollingsworth Auto Service, we recommend that you seek out the services of a body shop no matter how minor the accident seems to have been. Delaying collision repair and body work can lead to even more costly repairs and possibly dangerous situations.

Don’t delay collision repair. To schedule an appointment for a collision repair estimate, click here and fill out the form.