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How to Clean Your Engine

Make Your Engine Look New Again

It is pretty easy to find information on cleaning your vehicle’s interior and exterior. There’s no shortage of guides out there for getting the perfect exterior shine or keeping that interior looking new. But what about under the hood? We are no stranger to what is under the hoods of cars. However, we understand the average driver never really looks under the hood of their car. And it shows.

For those of you who dutifully maintain impeccably clean silverware drawers, car trunks or refrigerators, but have paid no mind to your vehicle’s inner workings, YouTuber ChrisFix is here to show us exactly how to clean your engine bay. He advocates using everyday tools and supplies, and walks us through the steps of cleansing and detailing the space where your engine resides. And also to not damage any sensitive components while you are at it.

And in helpful fashion, Chris shows us his process on all kinds of vehicles in various states of dirtiness. So whether your babied garage-kept classic car needs a refreshing, or your family minivan is in need of some under-hood attention, this video has it covered.