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Driving Safety Tip

Avoid Damage to Your Car From Road Debris

Road hazards can be anywhere and everywhere, and always have the potential to cause an accident and serious damage to your car. Detritus from road construction, as well as debris such as tree branches, tires, and mattresses all pose threats to your vehicle if you are unable to avoid them.

A good way to help avoid damage to your vehicle from road debris is to be aware of areas where debris may be present, such as construction zones. One such area is the interchange at Interstate 95 and Interstate 16. This interchange is currently under construction and is also surrounded by areas where many drivers drive at high rates of speed, making it a prime location for debris and potential accidents. That being said, it’s important to know how to avoid road hazards so you can prevent damage to your vehicle..

Be Alert

It’s important to watch the road and keep an eye out for any potential hazards. You should also make sure to eliminate any potential driving distractions, such as your cell phone. Driving without distractions allows you to quickly identify and avoid road debris.

Avoid Tailgating

It’s always a good idea to not tailgate and to maintain a safe distance with other cars on the road. If you don’t tailgate and the car in front of you slams on brakes or swerves to avoid debris, then you’ll have more time to safely react and avoid hitting the car in front of you or the debris.

Check Your Speed

One of the main causes of debris-related accidents and damage is high speed travel. When cars travel at high speeds on interstate highways, the risk of cargo and vehicle parts being lost increases.

Navigate Around Debris

Avoid slamming on brakes if you encounter road debris. Any vehicles behind you may not be able to stop in time, resulting in an accident. Instead, slow down as soon as you see the debris and safely maneuver around it.

Avoid Overcorrecting

If you encounter debris and are able to navigate around it, make sure that you do not make any hard turns. Making sudden or sharp turns can result in an accident. But if you adjust more slowly and generally drive with caution in known areas where you might encounter items on the road, you can better avoid the debris without causing an accident or damage to your vehicle.

By understanding the risks associated with debris on the road, you can prevent it from becoming a problem.


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