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3 Tips For Getting a Car Repair Estimate After an Accident

Car accidents are unexpected and stressful, but knowing how to obtain an accurate repair estimate can help you navigate the process. One thing that you should do before looking for an estimate is contact your insurer. When dealing with car insurance:

  • Contact your insurer promptly after an accident, as it’s often a policy requirement.
  • Notify your insurer before obtaining a repair estimate, which can help you get favorable rates with their recommended repair shops.
  • Understand your coverage and responsibilities. Your insurer may suggest repair shops, but you have the final say in choosing one.

Here are three essential tips for getting a car repair estimate:

1. Research and Compare

Consider multiple shops and use criteria like certified technicians, detailed estimates, warranties, and access to accident resources to make your decision. It’s also a good idea to check online reviews and ask questions to assess their reliability.

When considering which auto body shops to include in your shortlist, use the following criteria:

  • Certified Technicians: Look for shops with certified technicians who have received the necessary training to perform precise repairs. The I-CAR and ASE certifications are reliable qualifications to look for.
  • Detailed Estimates: Seek auto body shops that provide detailed estimates outlining the costs involved in your repair, offering transparency regarding where your money will be spent.
  • Warranties: A repair warranty is a written assurance from the auto repair shop, committing to stand by its repair service and cover the cost of additional repairs or replacements if necessary. Ensure that these warranties are obtained in writing, making them legally binding documents that the repair shop must honor.

2. Choose a Trusted Auto Body Shop

Start by finding a reputable auto body shop, like Hollingsworth Auto Service, that offers fair prices and quality service. The key is to identify an establishment you can trust to handle your car’s repair professionally and efficiently. With over 100 years of serving the Savannah area, we have a history of customer satisfaction.

3. Get the Best Estimate

When interacting with an auto shop, ask clear questions and provide a detailed description of your car’s damage. Compare estimates from multiple shops to ensure you’re getting a fair price. Remember, the cheapest estimate isn’t always the best service. Understanding key terms, such as damage report, damage estimate, and auto estimate, is important. Additionally, ensure you have a written repair service agreement in place to protect your interests. At Hollingsworth Auto Service, we take pride in making sure customers understand the estimate and know what to expect during the estimation process.

Keep these tips in mind to streamline the process and ensure fair and reliable car repairs after an accident.