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Work Zones

Drive More Safely in Work Zones

No matter where you drive this season, you’ll probably encounter road construction. Highway and road work zones can be very dangerous. When operating a vehicle in road construction zones, careless actions not only endanger yourself but also the workers and drivers around you. Navigate more safely through road construction sites using these tips.

Slow Down

Over a third of fatal work zone accidents involve speeding, so stay safer by paying attention to posted speed limits.


Flaggers and road signs are there for a reason. Traffic will flow more smoothly and safely when you obey them.


Pay attention to designated traffic patterns and merge into the proper lane. Never attempt to pass stopped traffic on the shoulder or increase speed to squeeze into at the last possible moment.

Make Room

Maintain a safe following distance. Rear-end work zone collisions are common, including fatal ones. To avoid them, always maintain a safe following distance between you and other vehicles, including construction trucks. A good rule-of-thumb is one car length for every 10 mph.

Pay Attention

When entering a road construction site, always stay alert for the unexpected. Traffic could come to a halt without warning, or workers and equipment pop out from nowhere. Be aware and be prepared.

No Distractions

Stay off your phone. When at a standstill, some drivers immediately reach for their cellphones to text or check messages. Don’t, as being distracted for one second could cost someone their life, including you.

Keep Up

Avoid slowing down to watch workers, as that could result in your vehicle getting rear-ended. But don’t tailgate, because the driver in front of you may have to suddenly apply their brakes.


While roadwork can be frustrating, always remember that the crews are out there to improve the roadways and make your future commutes as safe and smooth as possible. Slow done and accept the fact that maintaining the roads or expanding them takes time.

Accidents Happen

No matter how careful you are while driving through road construction sites, accidents happen. If your vehicle gets damaged, promptly contact your insurance company and Hollingsworth Auto Service to get an estimate for your repairs. To schedule an appointment for a collision repair estimate, click here and fill out the form.