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What is a Direct Repair Program?

Using — Or Not Using — Direct Repair Program Network Shops

After a car accident your insurance company may recommend you use a direct repair program and offer the option of using generic auto parts for the repair. It’s important to understand these options and their insurance ramifications.

A direct repair program, or DRP,  is a network of auto repair shops and dealerships approved by an insurer. To help policyholders with the auto repair process, many insurance companies offer DRP so that their customers have easy access to a recommended body shop.

In addition, when fixing the car, an auto repair shop may provide a choice between original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and generic replacement parts. Both DRPs and generic parts help to keep costs down and keep insurance prices competitive.

When navigating the accident claims process, it is important to understand the different DRP and generic replacement part options, what choices are available to you under your policy and what makes sense for your situation.

DRPs help auto insurers provide their customers with quality repairs at a reasonable cost. The collision repair shops — such as Hollingsworth Auto — that participate in a DRP are carefully vetted by insurers to ensure high quality repair and service is provided to policyholders.

Can You Choose a Preferred Collision Repair Shop?

Absolutely, yes. Consumers have the right to go to the auto shop of their choice and get their own repair estimate. You are not required to use a direct repair program offered by your insurance company. Policyholders should talk to their insurance company about their specific procedures.

Whether after an accident or just filing a repair claim, the process can be confusing. The first step is to report the accident or repair claim to your insurance company. They will issue you a claim number, confirm your deductible amount and verify if you have rental car coverage. Advise your insurance company that you want Hollingsworth Auto Service to handle your repairs. Then, just give us a call and we’ll answer all your questions and handle getting your repair in process.