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Five Substances That Will Ruin Your Car Finish

We get it, it can be tricky to completely protect your car from the elements. Short of putting your vehicle under a cover and never driving it, this is practically impossible. But, you can act quickly to remove these substances that will ruin your car finish, and doing this will help prevent them from damaging your vehicle. We’ve put together a short list of some of the substances that can cause the most damage to your car’s exterior.

Dusty Debris

Dust can damage the finish of a car’s paint, even if it’s only a fine coating of dust. That’s why it’s important to rinse your car thoroughly with water if you drive through a construction zone or on dust-covered roads. A quick (but thorough) rinse will help wash away dust and prevent abrasion. Don’t brush off the dust or wipe it away, as this may scratch your vehicle’s paint.

Bird Droppings

We all know the saying, and it is true that it DOES happen. And while some might still consider being pooped on by a bird to be a sign of good luck, it doesn’t bode well for your vehicle. Make sure that if your car gets bird poo on it, that you try to remove it as soon as possible. The longer you wait to wash it off, the more you risk compromising and damaging the finish of your car’s exterior.

Tree Debris and Sap

Parking under a tree to shade your car’s interior may seem like a good idea, especially in the summertime months. But that shade can come with a price. That price is tree sap, and it can adhere to your vehicle’s exterior and eat away at its finish. If you get tree sap on your vehicle, it’s best to remove it by pouring a few drops of a bug and tar remover directly onto a clean cloth, and then let it sit on top of the sap spot for 30 seconds or so. Then, scrub the spot clean.

Falling leaves may seem harmless, but they can also stain and damage the finish of the exterior of your vehicle. Sweep fallen leaves off of your car as soon as you can to prevent damage to the paint.

Coastal Hazards

Living in coastal Georgia offers a lot of perks. Such as not having to worry about road conditions resulting from accumulated snow and ice and the road salt that can damage the finish of a vehicle’s paint, and can corrode the undercarriage of a vehicle, too. However we do have 100 miles of coastline with tidal marshes, islands, hammocks, beaches, bays and sounds with easy access for boating, fishing, paddle boarding, camping, sea kayaking, kayak fishing. But, while life along the coast and all the fun that comes with it may seem ideal, it’s not always easy on your vehicle or its finish.  If you want to protect your vehicle from the coastal elements, there are steps you can take to help slow salt damage to your vehicle.

Now that you know what hazards to look for, you can take extra care of your vehicle if you encounter any of them. Taking care of your vehicle’s finish isn’t just a matter of keeping it shiny; it’s about preserving its finish, protecting it from rust spots, and maintaining its value should you want to sell it. Take care of  your vehicle and keep it in better condition and help it maintain its value.


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