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Hollingsworth Auto COVID-19 Update

Staying Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has infected nearly 1.3 million people worldwide, making it more important each day to limit its spread. One of the best ways of staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic and protect oneself in the process, is to stay home as much as possible. Of course, there are still those providing essential services that will be traveling on the road and accidents inevitably happen.

In a world with a risk of infection from the novel coronavirus, this is not a time to increase risk and operate a damaged vehicle. Don’t wait on collision repair. By not addressing damage caused by a collision, bigger problems can arise increasing risk of mechanical failure and injury to yourself and others.

At Hollingsworth Auto Service, we are working to provide a safe collision repair experience for our customers and employees here at the shop. Here is what we are doing and some tips to make the repair process easier and safer for everyone involved

Request an Appointment Online

First things first, call or request an appointment for your estimate online. If you make an appointment online, our office will contact you to set up a time for the estimate. By scheduling appointments ahead of time we can help limit the number of people at the shop at one time. Less people mean less opportunities for contact and allows us to take extra care to stay safe and sanitize your vehicle after completing your estimate.

Be Mindful of What is in Your Vehicle

In normal times, we are always pleased when a vehicle arrives at the shop with few extra objects inside. With the added risk of infection from the novel coronavirus, anytime you bring foreign, germ-prone objects into your car — such as laundry, beverages or groceries — there is a chance that you’re bringing the novel coronavirus into your vehicle and into the shop with them. Try to keep the extra stuff in your vehicle to a minimum. Not only will this help us do our job better, it is good practice for staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic

Clean and Sanitize

We have PPEs in the office that our team is using throughout the shop. As we prepare your vehicle for your scheduled delivery, our Customer Service Representative sanitizes surfaces throughout your vehicle. Before your vehicle is delivered, surfaces on doors, handles, steering wheel, steering column, dashboard and shifters are given and sanitizing wipe down while wearing gloves and a face mask.

Contact Us Today to Schedule an Estimate

We learn more about COVID-19 and the virus that causes it by the day, so it’s important to keep up with the latest guidelines on combatting its spread. That can be done by paying attention to the CDC, the World Health Organization, and your local health authorities