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Ceramic Car Coating

What is Ceramic Car Coating?

Ceramic car coating adds an additional layer of protection for your vehicle’s finish. This coating is also known as nano-ceramic coating. This ultra-fine, thin coating is manually applied over cars by hand and uses nanotechnology to seal the entire surface. Ceramic coating makes the surface of the vehicle water-repellant. Besides protecting the surface of your vehicle from water, ceramic coating  helps prevent damage from UV rays, chemicals, excessive heat, scratches, dirt, and other types of heavy pollutants. Ceramic coating is a glass-like barrier for your vehicle. A vehicle with ceramic coating can take damage and pressure much better than a non-coated vehicle. Ceramic coating is not new, but it was only recently introduced to the auto industry after being used by the military for years. Like anything else, ceramic coating has pros and cons and there are many opinions out there on the subject.

Benefits of ceramic coating

The biggest benefit of ceramic coating is its effective protection against pollutants and dirt that attack your car’s paint. Pollutants and dirt can make the finish of your car’s paint look older in a relatively short period of time. Worse still, repairs for this type of damage can end up being costly if left unattended. Keep reading to learn more about other benefits of ceramic coating.

1. Longer lifetime

Out of all of the types of layers that you add to your car’s paint, ceramic coating lasts the longest. It remains intact for years. The result of ceramic coating on your car is you get an all-time shine and gloss over your car for a long period of time. This finish on your car eliminates the need to wax your car on a regular basis.

2. Protection from pollutants

As we’ve already mentioned, ceramic coating provides a protective layer to the finish of your car. This layer protects from a variety of hazards, from color fade due to extreme summer heat to exposure to corrosive chemicals.  Water can also cause damage to your car. The moisture from the atmosphere or from water particles on the surface of your vehicle eventually evaporates, but the finish on your vehicle still absorbs that moisture.  This moisture shows up in the form of water spots that leave salt, dirt, and mineral deposits. These deposits soon solidify and scratch into the paintwork of your vehicle. Ceramic coating is super-hydrophobic and significantly assists with repelling water spots, and in turn preventing the scratches they leave behind on your car’s finish.

Ceramic coating also offers protection from chemical pollutants produced by gasoline, brake fluid, generic cleaners, etc. Ceramic coating also acts as a protective barrier against naturally occurring  pollutants like UV rays, tree sap, and bird droppings. UV rays can be the most dangerous for your car because they oxidize the paint and cause it to fade. Bird droppings and tree sap can etch deeper into your car’s paint, causing near permanent damage.

3. Scratch resistance

Ceramic car coating acts as a shell against scratches. This doesn’t make your car scratch-proof, but the probability of it getting scratched decreases by a large margin. Ceramic coating helps save your car from scratches due to everyday sources like from parking lots, bushes, and bikes.

4. Enhances the paintwork

The most popular reason for using ceramic coating is its ability to improve the gloss and shine of your car’s paint and keeping its finish looking good as new. As we’ve mentioned the coating prevents the build-up of dirt and pollutants and this makes cleaning the car an easier chore. You will notice a significant difference when it comes to washing the car, especially when you glide across from panel to panel to clean.

Getting it from the dealership?

If you are looking to get the ceramic coating done from the same car dealership where you bought your car, you may want to think twice and do some more research first. There are some car dealers out there that offer ceramic coating services with lower-quality products that they charge a higher price to apply to your vehicle. We recommend using a professional ceramic coating company. A car detailing expert will be highly experienced in applying with great precision and skill, so you will get your money’s worth. Like anything else, be an informed consumer.

Should you apply it yourself?

There are a number of DIY ceramic car coating kits out there, but we don’t recommend you trying to use them. For someone with little to no experience in applying ceramic coating, it can be very easy to mess it all up. Ceramic coating is very difficult to remove once it’s applied to a surface because it becomes semi-permanent. Also, ceramic coatings react differently to each other and are influenced by environmental factors like temperature and humidity. If you are not working in a climate-controlled environment when you are trying to apply a ceramic coating, you can risk making mistakes. You may end up with repairs to the ceramic coating that cost more than what you would have paid to have it applied by a professional.

Another reason to pass up on the idea of DIY ceramic coating is that the type of ceramic coating product available in a DIY kit will usually be of lower quality. Professional grade ceramic coating is higher quality, and can only be applied by professionals.

Why is Ceramic Car Coating so expensive and is it worth it?

After reading the above, you now have a good idea of why ceramic coating is a costly option. Ceramic coating requires high-quality products and uses advanced technology, and a layer of quality ceramic coating is worth thousands of dollars. Having a ceramic coating keeps your car protected makes your finish durable, keeps it protected, and saves you from high maintenance costs in the long term. The key to retaining the look of your car is to carry out regular maintenance. But if you are a car fanatic and are convinced about the wonders of ceramic coating and the value it will add to your car, hopefully this information provided the information to do it right.


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